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Its friday 16.06.2006 and I just got back from Berlin - Red Hot Chili Peppers rocked there @ Wulheide amphitheatre. Rocked really hard! The concert was to good to be true. I'll write a bit more about the contsert and the trip, but first I have to get a nice sleep. Meanwhile you can check the concert images here. Only non-pro cameras were allowed, but still I think I got shome good shots!
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In chase of The Red Hot Chili Peppers (17.06.2006)
Images here!

For couple of years now I've been listening only The Red Hot, same playlist fot all that time. About a year, after seeing Slane Castle live vide, I had thought about seeing them live, but Estonian managers have not realized that RHCP is popular enough to sell 80 000 tickets or even more in 1 week (as Metallica did). Anyway, I heard there is going to be a concert in Berlin. Doing some research I discovered that the arena fited maximum of 35 000 people - IDEAL for me, bigger chance to see the band close up and not too far to travel. Quick Internet round with a credit card and we (me and Kadri) had it all - concert tickets, hotel (hardest part because of the Football WM), Berlin's public transportation and plane tickets. Ready to set sail!

Yeah, there we were - me and Kadri, standing in check-in line to get on the plain ("standing in line to see the show tonight" is later..). Checking in and the security check (as we are all potensial terrorists) took about an hour. We had nothing interesting with us, because we planned only a 3 day trip. The plane was late about 30 minits or so, thats normal - at least they say so, it was my first flight! Our nice easyJet took off from Tallinn airport nicely, without problems. We were shown some artistic moves there in the plane (emergency exits, usage of emergency masks, "brace" position etc..), that was cool. The service in the plane was excellent. Capuccino was really good, I suggest everyone to have it when flying with easyJet. Other good thing about easyJet was that you could choose your place in the plane - offcourse I had a near-window place :). Beautiful view, specially Estonia. When flying over Germany we saw very little forest and that is very sad, but gladly Estonia has still alot of trees. Estonia is beautiful - that I guarantee! Okay, okay, now I'm off the subject. Flying is wonderful!

We arrived to Berlin around 4 pm. They checked our passports again - looking in to my face 4-5 times before letting me go because of the very old picture in my passport and strange outfit (I looked little like a skinhead because I had short hair and old East-Germany military trousers and a jacket. Why do I wear them? Funny looking - thats why!). We stepped outside the airport and I got instant shock - the weather was insane: clear sky, sun shining and temperature 27 degrees celsius. I'm not used to this stuff. Having public transportation ticket for all Zones for 72 hours, we took out our little public transportation map, found a S-Bahn and rock'n'roll. It didn't take us long to get to Wuhlheide. Kadri was really good at the public transportation business, found the stations and trains really quick. Made life alot easyier.

Hotel and life in Berlin
As I said in intro, the hotel was hardest to find because all the rooms were booked along ago by the football fans, but still I found the perfect hotel - Aparthotel an der Spree. It was the closest on to the venue (about 500m) and in beautiful place, excellent service. It cost much (offcourse, it is 4 star hotel), but it was really worth it! The hotel had mostly 2 kinds of visitors - rich German pensioners and Swedish football fans. The pensioners where very polite and kind, but the Sweds made alot of noize. Germans were very polite, said "thanks" for everything and to everyone. Nice! It was nice and quiet at night, except the night when Germany won Poland 1:0. People got out of their homes and screamed and shot some fireworks. Insane but cool! BTW: Everything in Berlin was about football - country flags everywhere (houses, cars etc), FB WM 2006 giftshops, pople wearing football shirts, hairs colored red-yellow-black, whistling and waving flags, flags painted all over the body, even the Berlin's TV tower was painted as a football! Anyway, the public transportation works very well, this makes it easy to get around in Berlin. As I said people are nice. Almost every vertical thing has some paint on it, I mean spray paint - messages and just drawings. Tram windows are scrached also messages. Anyway, maybe it isn't so in the old West-Germany part, but we were mostly in the old East part.

Enough of bulls, THE CONCERT!

"Standing in line to see the show tonight..." (15 june 06). Yeah, we got there about an hour before the gates should be opened, but already there was huge amount of people at the entrance in a long line. I thought: "There goes my first row dream...". The gates were opened earlier and I think me and Kadri were in the second thousand that got in. Despite the fact we got in so late there was some room in the front-left, I just don't know why people didn't go there. Excellent places. BTW: Some fans took even longer trip to the concert than we did - I saw people from Australia and Brazil. Okay then, there we were, waiting for the concert to start. About 2 hours, the feet were almost dead when the show finally started. The show should have started 18:30, but I think It actually started around 19:00. The warmup was by Dizzee (some hip-hop from London). I was like - what the hell are these dudes doing here warming RHCP, the music is off the subject, at list in my opinion. Their own songs weren't good but the final performance was bretty good - a mix of old rock classics. Everybody started to sing along and throwing hands in the air, doing waves. Finally something rock-alike. After Dezzee got off the stage came the only bad thing about the concert - an hour wait, the technicians set up the stage for the RHCP, people were getting bored and angry, some fainted because of the heat.

The Real Thing
Finally the Red Hot took the stage and the crowd went wild - so did we! Bullzeye - The first song was "Can't Stop". Peaople just jumped around singing along as loud as they could. I couldn't even hear myself singing! Flea was jumping around as always (seen on videos), John and Antony bouncing all over the place. Even I was jumping, witch is a miracle, because usually I listen to any other concert in a back row with my serious face on. This time I just couldn't stand still. Rock'n'Roll. After the first song I was so wet of sweat :). Then came other new and old masterpieces: Dani California, Scar Tissue, Charlie, Throw Away Your TV, Torture Me, Fortune Faded. If I remember right then "Can't Stop" was the song that Flea played off the stage, in front of the fans. Moshing and doing his thing. The man was brilliant, let every fan to take a picture, the man was so close that if I had wanted I could have touched The God :). Crowd loves him! After the "Fortune Faded" John presented his own version of "How Deep Is Your Love" witch was also excellent. RHCP also played that night: Me & My Friends,Snow (Hey Oh), Hump De Bump, Right On Time, Strip My Mind, Don´t Forget Me, Tell Me Baby, Californication, By The Way (I might have forgotten some songs). There was some massive jamming also between songs :) They talked to the fans, but as there was so much noize and they didn't say lots of things into the microphone I could not hear much. People literally danced their breath out, many fainted and were taken away by first aid. Some could not resist the fine music and came back after getting some water. I've never seen so much happy people in one place. Few fans were able to break trough the security and were able run on the stage. One of the fans ran on the stage, jumped on top of Fleas bass amps and took of his shorts. He had a SOCK on his genitals, as RHCP had on their early performances. The fan was happy and crowd was happy but it didn't last long because the security drag him of the stage! I agree fans running on stage, doing something funny, but not attacking the band members. One fan stormed at Flea, but fortunately was quickly emoved from the stage. Flea didn't give a f**k about that, continued with what he does best :) The crowd was fantastic - peaceful, noone struggeled, everybody enjoyed the concert. The concert ended with a big jam, quite long improvisation. It was so long and I was so wasted that I had to find a seat. It was one hell of a contsert I must say! Best day of my life!

Fast Finish
Slept the night off, got on a train to Schöenefield. Flew back to Tallinn. The 3 day adventure had ended. Best days of my life, worth every penny.